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Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Canada is one of the most favoured destinations to migrate. Every year, over 250,000 immigrants from across the globe migrate to Canada. The Canadian government was targeting 350,000 by 2021. Unlike USA which has suspended immigration post COVID 19, its neighbour Canada is still open.

Canada offers good quality of life to all migrants. A Permanent Resident (PR) Visa is the first step to get a Canadian citizenship. A Permanent Resident is a person who has been accorded the resident status by the Canadian Government and enjoys work and business rights like normal Canadian citizens. He/she can live and work anywhere in Canada for the duration of five years and does not require a work permit. Businessmen can do business or invest in any part of Canada just meeting the regulatory requirements for such investments or business. Essentially a PR visa holder though remains a citizen of his/her home country but enjoys special privileges and rights in Canada and is expected to pay all taxes in Canada. But the person need not pay no tax on income earned outside the country.

A PR can

  • Can Work without a work permit anywhere in Canada
  • Invest anywhere in Canada
  • Start and run business anywhere in Canada
  • Get most social benefits that citizens of Canada receive inclusive of health care coverage.
  • Enjoy Protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  • Can apply for a citizenship after 2 complete years of residence and stand a better chance to get one.

A PR cannot

  • Hold Canadian Passport
  • Vote as a citizen of Canada
  • Run for or hold public office in Canada

How to get a PR Visa

Apply for it to the – Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to get the Canada PR visa. The Canadian immigration authority decides based on the selection criteria of the various immigration program provided by the IRCC, immigrants are selected for the Permanent Resident visa. There are two popular ways of attaining the PR status – Express Entry program and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Permanent Resident Visa allows immigrants to live and work in Canada on a permanent basis. And at the same time proves helpful for the Canadian government. This helps them shortlist the potential residents who are desirable to be elevated as citizens.

They might evaluate on several factors like

  • How well the immigrant is adapting to the hanged environment and life in Canada
  • How well can he or she can contribute to the development of Canadian society
  • Whether the immigrant has been a law abiding citizen as a resident

The permanent resident (PR) card

The Canadian government issues a PR card which has to be shown for travel outside Canada and back.

Canada Permanent Resident Visa Documents Checklist 2020

A skilled worker can start the process by creating an online account for the Express Entry Program by two steps

  • File in self IELTS score
  • Get an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) from WES or any other relevant authorised body.

The list of documents that are to be furnished are as follows:

  • Language tests.
  • Documents showing nomination for immigration by a Province.
  • A legitimate printed job offer letter from Registered Organization.
  • Documents showing applicants and dependents have been cleared by local police and are given NOC.
  • Authenticated passports
  • Documents showing that the applicant and all family members coming to Canada have prescribed medical certificate.
  • Documents showing applicant has enough funds to support themselves and their family for a period no less than three months

What is Canada PR points System?

Canada Immigration judges on immigration on factors such as include age, educational qualification, work experience, language proficiency, adaptability etc. The system allows for entry of the most qualified individuals. Applicants can get a maximum score of 100 points and need a minimum score of 67 to qualify for the immigration process. The following list will tell you how many points you can score in each segment of the points system:

  • Language Skills – 28 points
  • Education – 25 points
  • Experience – 15 points
  • Arranged Employment – 10 points
  • Adaptability – 10 points

The PR point is important and we can help you to score better to fast process your application. Talk to us now to know more about Canadian PR points system.

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