Kochi  : +91 4844862577

Kochi  : +91 4844862577

Migrate To Canada

Canada has a strong tradition in immigration. It is said that one in five Canadians is born abroad. The nation prefers to have “safe, orderly and regular migration” with an open mind to enhance cultural richness and diversity of community. Canada is on the lookout for skilled labour force, innovative concepts and boost to economy.

Canada offers something for everyone. Immigration to Canada can be divided into three main categories –

  1. Skilled Labour
  2. Business People and Investors
  3. Students

(i) Immigrants with professional skills can look forward to much opportunities in Canada. There are openings in many sectors like Healthcare, IT, Construction, Engineering and other service sectors. The Canadian government grades employment potential of applicants according to National Occupations Classification (NOC) of skill levels.

The Express Entry System is the most organised point-based Immigration System in the world for skilled labourers. Through this system, Canada ensures that the best and the most talented skilled labourers are welcomed to the country and a majority of them go on to win Permanent Residence in Canada. The applications for PR are processed under sections like The Federal Skilled Worker Program, The Federal Skilled Trades Progam and the Canadian Experience Class.

Provinces and territories can also nominate candidates under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to meet the local requirements. The Quebec-selected Skilled Worker is one such popular PNP program. Quebec, the largest Canadian province, offers as much as 115,000 jobs in a year.

The Canadian Experience Class will help to get a first-hand feel of Canadian life while on student or temporary work visit visa and gather the eligibility for Permanent Residency. This is idea for managerial jobs, professional jobs and skilled trades. It will make the applicant proficient in language and lifestyle skills essential to merge into the Canadian society.

(ii) Canada offers Permanent Residency with families for those coming up with solid business and investment models. Such proposals are considered by the Canadian Federal Government as the base for job generation and also remarkable support for the Canadian economy.

Canadian Government offers Start-up Visa for those with innovative ideas to launch business ventures in the country with the help of private sector enterprises here. Those who can secure letter of support from angel investor or venture capital fund and gather minimum investment of $200,000 can apply for the same. A citizen or a permanent resident of Canada can sponsor spouse, common-law partner, children or any member of the family to this visa.

(iii) Canada is home for some of the world’s best and most reputed Universities. The academic and vocational training provided by these prestigious universities are the most sought after across the globe. Since Canada treats the students from these universities as the potential work force to support the national infrastructure, the students coming in from overseas stand a good chance to earn Permanent Residency in Canada.

Candidates with enough fund resources to meet tuition fees, accommodation and travel expenses are eligible for applying. The basic criterion is to have a designated university in Canada accepting the candidate. Eligible candidates can check for special administrative programs like Student Partnership Program, a joint venture between visa agencies and Association of Canadian Community Colleges.

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