Kochi  : +91 4844862577

Kochi  : +91 4844862577

General work visa to UK

The United Kingdom is one of the World's most popular immigration destinations for people wishing to live and work in a new country.

The General work (Tier 2) visa is the main UK visa route for skilled workers coming to the UK to take up employment. In order to apply for this visa you must have a job offer and a certificate of sponsorship from a UK employer with a valid Tier 2 sponsorship license.

People who are on this visa can take part in other work and study activity while they are in the UK. This includes doing voluntary work and studying outside of their working hours.

The General Work (Tier 2) visa allows skilled workers to enter the UK on a long term basis to fill a skilled job vacancy; including in a wide range of skilled occupations such as in IT, accountancy, teaching, or healthcare. The occupation needs to be on the Tier 2 occupation list called Tier 2 Shortage Occupation List.

  • Actuaries, economists, and statisticians
  • Aircraft maintenance and related trades
  • Artist
  • Arts officers, producers, and directors
  • Buyers and purchasing officers Chefs
  • Civil engineers
  • Dancers and choreographers
  • Design and development engineers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Electronics engineers
  • Engineering professionals
  • Engineering technicians
  • Environmental Professionals
  • Graphic designers
  • Information technology and communications professionals
  • IT business analysts, architects, and system designers
  • IT specialist managers
  • Line repairers and cable jointers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Musicians
  • Physical scientists
  • Production and process engineers
  • Production managers
  • Programmers and software development professionals
  • Quality control and planning engineers
  • Secondary education teaching professionals
  • Social workers
  • Welders

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